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Dr. Sketchy est l'atelier de modèle vivant non-conventionnel avec plus de 110 branches à l'échelle internationale! À Montréal, nous organisons des événements mensuels et sommes aussi disponibles pour des sessions privées.
Dr. Sketchy is the unconventional figure drawing workshop with over 110 branches worldwide! In Montreal, we organize monthly events and are also available for private sessions.

samedi 22 janvier 2011

Recommandations / Testimonials

Dr. Sketchy Montreal is the best place in town to find your new art muse! Their models are always beautiful, sexy and so inspiring to draw! They even add an extra "ooh-la-la" with their music, amazing decor and props that go with the event's theme! Once you've tried Dr. Sketchy Montreal, you'll never want to go back to your college life-drawing class again!"
– Fanie Grégoire, illustrator

WHOA! So I love going to a life drawing session as much as the next guy (which I hope is a lot, otherwise the next guy is a jerk), but I have NEVER had as much fun life drawing than at two Dr. Sketchy sessions Jessica and I went to in Montreal. Hilarious fun."
– Corey, Toronto

« Mes élèves ont capoté! Ce fut une expérience marquante pour eux! »
– Annie Deslauriers, enseignante

I had a wonderful time visiting the Montreal incarnation of Dr Sketchy's- wonderful event, funky venue, welcoming hostess, and deep talent pool. Oh, and wicked hot model, of course.
– Kimberley Whitchurch, Toronto

I think that Dr. Sketchy is a great way for artists to practice and get inspired by beautiful women and fun themes. Thank you Dr. Sketchy, Georgiana and the whole team for making this such a fun experience.
– Ms. V, model and Monde Osé management

« J'ai bien aimé […] Changement de costume multiple et belle fille! »
– Alain Lemire, illustrateur

2 commentaires:

Steph a dit…

I am an animator and I just moved to Montreal, I try t go to life drawing as often as possible and found Dr Sketchy.

I went to my first session of Dr.Sketchy with a group of my peers for the first time and it was the worst life drawing experience we have ever paid for. The model did the same 2 poses over and over and over and only ever posed for 1/3 of the people in the room. Even when she was asked to face us, she would lied on her stomach and held her book out in front of her so we got to draw the book.

The model was constantly hiding from us, she would do things like hide in a blanket, she would pull props and items towards her back to cover herself up. She was constantly doing this and if not that, was hiding behind the table that was set up behind her. Given that this is where the seats where, all we got to draw was small bits of her back and lots of props which she would move to obscure our view, but not actually use. All my drawings are either of her back, or massive blobs of cloth with heads. I have never sketched such an amateur model, and being how prominently I keep seeing her featured, I fear that this is the standard that Dr.Sketchy is proud of.

Eventually I gave up trying to draw, my entire group did. We looked around a bit and had noticed that all the people around us had as well and where just doodling to pass time until the next pose when she might hopefully give us something to draw. We never got it.

If your models are not comfortable posing in skimpy outfits or nude, you should not put them in skimpy outfits or have them be nude. If your models are only going to model to 1/3 of the room, don't set up chairs around the entire room. I feel completely ripped off by this experience. Neither me, or my group, will ever be back.

Dr. Sketchy Montreal a dit…


I am sorry to hear of your negative experience at one of our sessions. I assure you that we are constantly working to improve our events and provide a fun, quirky drawing experience.

I believe I know which session and model you are referring to, as another artist contacting me following that event. Our previous experience with that model had been very positive and I am sorry the second time around was a let down.

I assure you that we have since updated our modelling guide and are much more rigourous in our selection.

Thank you very much for your comment. This type of feedback is essential to our capacity to offer quality events.

Feel free to contact me at should you have anything further to add.

Kindest regards,
Headmistress, Dr. Sketchy Montreal